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Four Eyes Launches Rebranded Ruthi Postow Staffing Website – Staffing Website Design

Ruthi Postow Stafruthi postow staffingfing is a woman-owned staffing firm on K street in Washington D.C. that has been providing quality temporary and permanent staffing services since 2001.

Four Eyes continues to work with Ruthi Postow Staffing to refine Ruthi’s vision of her staffing company into a website visual that is fun and informative.

Ruthi came to Four Eyes, asking us to rebrand the look of her website and utilize her sketches and photos.  The result was streamlining her website from 16 pages down to six pages.  Content reorganization and visual focus were imperative to achieve an aesthetic balance that conveys the work environment of Ruthi Postow Staffing.   The result, a vibrant, photo-rich website that reflects the personality of Ruthi Postow Staffing and her company as a whole.

Four Eyes offers staffing website design and development solutions for staffing companies that range from brochureware to searchable job databases.  If you are a staffing company, contact Four Eyes for a website to fit your needs.