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Offline Productions: New York web design – WordPress, X Theme & WP Toolset

Offline ProductionsOffline Productions Screen is an off-Broadway theater production company specializing in adaptations of classic works, with an eye towards exploring modern and experimental interpretations and themes. They are committed to bringing high-quality theatrical experiences to audiences in ways that complement the exciting innovations happening in the worlds of digital entertainment, comedy, and music.  Offline came to Four Eyes looking for an off-broadway site with on-broadway features, that was not like every other theater website design.

With aesthetics and features like big bold imagery to capture the visitor’s eye, updateable content to switch out theatrical productions with ease, drag & drop interfaces for sorting actors and crew members, and most important, tablet and mobile friendly for easy viewing on any size screen, Four Eyes delivered. Four Eyes, is a New York web design company at its core.  Our roots are in New York web design and we have been building websites for 17 years, so it was no problem meeting the needs of our discerning client.

When setting out to create this website, I knew that I did not want it to look like the industry standard or like some kind of HTML version of a playbill. Four Eyes was able to understand what my company wanted, and how to get us there. We now have a beautiful website, that is also functional, and adjusts well to our needs. I couldn’t be happier!

~ Demetri Kofinas, Producer

Four Eyes utilized the X  and Toolset for this project.  Four Eyes is an expert X integrator with over 20 custom installations.   Four Eyes is also a Toolset certified partner & consultant.   As our base tools, we can provide virtually any design or functionality to our clients with a clear roadmap for scalability, flexibility, and virtual future-proofing. Offline Productions is a small production house and it is imperative that it has the tools to grow and use their website for many years to come.

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