Migrate to WordPress! Four Eyes makes it easy!

wordpress-logoWordPress is the content management system (CMS) in use by businesses of all sizes across the globe.  It is a professional and flexible solution to build robust websites of any type. When people ask what is a stable solution to growing my website on, we say WordPress!

Why migrate to WordPress?

  1. Editing Simplicity: WordPress makes it simple to manage text and images. Content can by manually entered, copy & pasted and edited using simple tools that look just like any word processor you use on your desktop. Images are easily uploaded through drag & drop and you can resize and crop them right in your browser.
  2. Amazingly Customizable: From plugins to custom code WordPress can be tailored for any use.  WordPress sites can do anything from social networking/member websites and ecommerce website to complex multi-relational content management websites and portfolio/galleries.  There is nothing WordPress cannot do!
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):  While nothing replaces the need to have good content on your website, WordPress is designed to be crawled by Google. Google trusts WordPress sites.

Four Eyes can migrate your existing website’s content, wordpress maintenance and enhance your website’s functionality.   We train, website support, consult and are there for you with your new WordPress website.

Interested in migrating your website to WordPress, let us know!