Offline Productions: New York web design – WordPress, X Theme & WP Toolset

Offline Productions is an off-Broadway theater production company specializing in adaptations of classic works, with an eye towards exploring modern and experimental interpretations and themes. They are committed to bringing high-quality theatrical experiences to audiences in ways that complement the exciting innovations happening in the worlds of digital entertainment, comedy, and music.  Offline came to Four Eyes looking for an off-broadway site with on-broadway features, that was not like every other theater website design. With aesthetics and features like big bold imagery to capture the visitor’s eye, updateable content to switch out theatrical productions with ease, drag & drop interfaces for sorting actors and crew members, and most important, tablet and mobile friendly for easy viewing on any size screen, Four Eyes delivered. Four Eyes, is a New York web design company at its core.  Our roots are in New York web design and we have been building websites for … A micro website design to get the job done

Demetri Kofinas is a technology and media entrepreneur, as well as the creator and former executive producer of a popular international finance television news program broadcast in over 100 countries around the world. is an example that a small website goes a long way.  As a media personality, Demetri needed a micro website design to showcase who he is and what he does. A website does not need to be large and complicated to share its message, an eye-catching image and solid content do the trick. Of course, in Four Eyes fashion, we did go an extra step and integrate a blog with legacy articles.  Demetri has written 100’s of articles over the years and with so much more to share, a blogging platform was key.   Demetri has a fascinating story to tell about his life, you can read more about it here. I have known and worked with Michael, at Four …

Four Eyes Launches Rebranded Ruthi Postow Staffing Website – Staffing Website Design

Ruthi Postow Staffing is a woman-owned staffing firm on K street in Washington D.C. that has been providing quality temporary and permanent staffing services since 2001. Four Eyes continues to work with Ruthi Postow Staffing to refine Ruthi’s vision of her staffing company into a website visual that is fun and informative. Ruthi came to Four Eyes, asking us to rebrand the look of her website and utilize her sketches and photos.  The result was streamlining her website from 16 pages down to six pages.  Content reorganization and visual focus were imperative to achieve an aesthetic balance that conveys the work environment of Ruthi Postow Staffing.   The result, a vibrant, photo-rich website that reflects the personality of Ruthi Postow Staffing and her company as a whole. Four Eyes offers staffing website design solutions for staffing companies that range from brochureware to searchable job databases.  If you are a staffing company, contact …

Four Eyes Rolls Out Ann Mehl, Executive Coach Website

A website should clearly and concisely share information and most important, answer a question. The Ann Mehl, Executive Coach Website does just that.  From explaining what an executive coach is and a comprehensive FAQ to a read-worthy blog, Ann shares her knowledge with hew clients and the web alike.  If you are an Executive Coach in anywhere from New York City to Charlotte and Atlanta and beyond, contact Four Eyes and let us know how we can help you.

Ashtanga Yoga Gainesville – Simplicity & Elegance

Ashtanga Yoga Gainesville came to Four Eyes with a simple request. – a clean website, no fancy sliders or things moving too much.  While the designer in us really wanted to add all the “fancy” stuff we like to use on websites, this was not the venue. This is an Ashtanga Yoga website that is clean, easy to navigate, mobile friendly and most of all reflects the simplicity and elegance of the studio where people practice. OK, we did sneak in a cool timeline blog feature so, as designers and developers, we got our fix. Ashtanga Yoga Gainesville we wish you continued success in the future! Interested in developing a website.  Contact us here!

Four Eyes is Proud to Launch Ashtanga Yoga Asheville

Near and dear to the hearts of Four Eyes is any opportunity to work with fellow Ashtanga practitioners and friends – Ashtanga Yoga Asheville. Ashtanga Yoga Asheville  is one-page parallax website featuring layer sliders, google map integration, events listings and an event registration system.  The site exemplifies organization, clear access to content and, of course, a highly responsive design that works well on all mobile and tablet devices. Congratulations Ashtanga Yoga Asheville.  We look forward to practicing with you.  

Four Eyes Launches GFR Cabinets – Website Design in Charlotte NC

Four Eyes is happy to launch a local business website – GFR Cabinets. GFR custom cabinets and furniture, a family owned and operated company. Our shop and showroom is located minutes from downtown Waxhaw in Lancaster, South Carolina. All of our products are manufactured and finished in our 3,600 square foot shop. GFR Cabinets came to Four Eyes to modernize their website and streamline the content.  The result, a fully responsive website featuring image slides, parallax layouts, video and portfolio galleries.  GFR Cabinets is a great example of how a smaller company can benefit from a website that leverages technology and design to promote a message and brand – Family owned offering high-end custom woodwork. Congratulation to GFR Cabinets.  Check out their work.  It is beautiful. Interested in Website Design in Charlotte NC, click here.

Transferring a Website to WordPress : It’s easy!

From a static website to virtually any Content Management System (CMS) you are using, transferring a website to WordPress, will provide features and flexibility that will enhance your exposure and ease of maintenance.  Today, WordPress powers one of every 6 websites on the Internet, nearly 60 million in all, that is more than 20% of all websites and that number is growing every day.   Migrating to WordPress is easy, you can click here to let us know more about your website.  We can keep your existing design or we can enhance your design adding responsive (mobile and tablet) views to your new WordPress website. The process of migrating to WordPress is rarely a complicated.  WordPress has so many tools that we can make WordPress do anything you want it to do.  We can even automate routine tasks, for example, publishing to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  Do …

Migrate to WordPress! Four Eyes makes it easy!

WordPress is the content management system (CMS) in use by businesses of all sizes across the globe.  It is a professional and flexible solution to build robust websites of any type. When people ask what is a stable solution to growing my website on, we say WordPress! Why migrate to WordPress? Editing Simplicity: WordPress makes it simple to manage text and images. Content can by manually entered, copy & pasted and edited using simple tools that look just like any word processor you use on your desktop.    Images are easily uploaded through drag & drop and you can resize and crop them right in your browser. Amazingly Customizable: From plugins to custom code WordPress can be tailored for any use.  WordPress sites can do anything from  social networking/member websites and e-commerce to complex multi-relational content management websites and portfolio/galleries.  There is nothing WordPress cannot do! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):  While nothing …