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Postpartum Project Beta Launch

Four Eyes is happy to launch the Postpartum Project website.  The goal of the website: Our mission is to provide personalized, expert postpartum care through comprehensive mental health services.  Our aim is to simplify the process of finding skilled, compassionate, highly trained therapists who care deeply about making sure every new mother gets the care she needs. Currently, in limited release, the website is a comprehensive directory of Postpartum therapists across the US and ultimately abroad. Members include highly trained mental health practitioners who specialize in the treatment of postpartum depression, anxiety and perinatal mood disorders, along side other specialties. Please register if you would like to join our network The development approach involved extensive CSS for responsive website design, custom PHP programming and heavy usage of WordPress Toolset Plugins. Four Eyes is a Toolset Certified Partner.  Over the next few weeks the website will be rolled out in various markets.


I do not want my responsive design on my website

While running through testing on a recent project, the client asked if the website could look the same on her iPhone as it does on her desktop.  I had to ask, “why would you want that?” I quickly realized, despite my explaining early on in the project how the website would “morph” itself to best display from desktop to tablet  to mobile device, the client needed further explanation about responsive design. A responsive website design starts with incorporating CSS3, media queries, the @media rule, and fluid grids that use percentages to create a flexible layout. The goal is to adapt the website’s layout to the user’s viewing device.  More succinctly, make sure the content is viewable within any screen device.  Beyond the aesthetics of the website, Google has made it clear that non-responsive websites will not be ranked as high as responsive websites.  Why?  The heavy use of CSS streamlines the …

Four Eyes Launches “The Art of Dying” Conference Website

Four Eyes Launches “The Art of Dying” Conference Website.  An elegant, content managed website making use of parallax content and single-page site design. The Art of Dying is the 5th installment of a conference that brings together important innovators, researchers and authors in the fields of death and dying, including practitioners in the areas of palliative and hospice care. Many are trained in modern medicine and work directly with the dying or bereaved. Others speak from the wisdom of traditional teachings, while still others share with us their own deeply personal accounts. We are so proud to work with the Open Center on this website project.  

Blog - And So I Digress...

And So I Digress… hiring a web designer

To a client, the world of web development ranges from an enigma to clear-as-day.  There is also the muddle (I said muddle not middle) ground –having just enough knowledge to either flourish or perish. As with any endeavor, the more a person knows the easier it is to comprehend the skills needed to accomplish a task.  Building a website is no different.  In web development, the skills required to launch a successful website are broad and the questions are numerous.  Even the simplest website  involves many steps and considerations.  From a macro level, the  considerations are: Site name URL Logo Design Content Delving deeper one may ask: Is the site name I want in use by another company?  Is the company of like product/service? Is the URL I want available, if  not, what do I do? Do I need to change my company name? Is the logo I like too …