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IND-X Advisors provides investment research advisory services to institutional investors. They provide fund managers with access to the best independent investment research, covering predominantly the markets and securities of the Asia Pacific region, but also including global macro-economic strategy. They also provide a range of marketing and support services to independent research providers.

Ashtanga Dispatch Goes Live With A New Look – Yoga Website Design

When Peg Mulqueen, publisher of Ashtanga Dispatch, came to Four Eyes to redo their website, I was excited!  As a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and reader of the Ashtanga Dispatch magazine, it was an honor to work with Peg. Peg came to Four Eyes for  yoga website design and architecture.  During the process, we were also asked to redesign the Ashtanga Dispatch logo. Peg supplied great photos, excellent content and gave us and flexibility to do what we do best – design and architect visually appealing and highly navigable websites. Ashtanga Dispatch has a worldwide distribution. This website required: Strong use of images Focused content Accessible on any device from a phone to a TV Ease of updating Clean and functional interface Four Eyes accomplished the task: If you’re looking for the right combination of creative ingenuity, technical skill, and a vision for your business future (I mean, who isn’t?) – then …

WordPress Related Posts: Using WordPress Toolset and WP Posts to Posts – Shortcode Alert

If you read my previous post,  WordPress Custom Related Posts: Toolset Plugin & Posts 2 Posts – Combining APIs for even more flexibility, I discussed how combining  Toolset with thePosts 2 Posts plugin creates an easier WordPress related posts interface for the website administrator to create content relationships.  Four Eyes is currently working on a new website for David Keil’s and the site needed a method for connecting content types to one another in an easy and efficient manner.  While we created a solution for Single Post pages, we still needed to be able to use the code in loop while using Toolset.  The solution is a shortcode function that combines the power of the Views API with the enhanced query structure of the Post 2 Posts plugin. /* Toolset to Post 2 Posts View Integration */ add_shortcode( ‘get-related-view’, ‘get_related_view’ ); function get_related_view( $atts ) { extract( shortcode_atts( array( ‘my_post_id’ => ”, /*insert …