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Ashtanga Dispatch Goes Live With A New Look – Yoga Website Design

Ashtanga Dispatch Logo Design Charlotte NC

When Peg Mulqueen, publisher of Ashtanga Dispatch, came to Four Eyes to redo their website, I was excited!  As a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and reader of the Ashtanga Dispatch magazine, it was an honor to work with Peg.

Ashtanga Dispatch web design

Ashtanga Dispatch uses parallax technology

Peg came to Four Eyes for  yoga website design and architecture.  During the process, we were also asked to redesign the Ashtanga Dispatch logo. Peg supplied great photos, excellent content and gave us and flexibility to do what we do best – design and architect visually appealing and highly navigable websites.

Ashtanga Dispatch has a worldwide distribution. This website required:

  • Strong use of images
  • Focused content
  • Accessible on any device from a phone to a TV
  • Ease of updating
  • Clean and functional interface

Four Eyes accomplished the task:

If you’re looking for the right combination of creative ingenuity, technical skill, and a vision for your business future (I mean, who isn’t?) – then Michael Sammut and the Four Eyes Productions is the team you need. Not only did Michael and his crew give Ashtanga Dispatch the welcoming home it needed worldwide, Michael continually gives me the support and guidance I need to keep up with our growing online community.

~ Peg Mulqueen, Ashtanga Dispatch

wordpress-logo-20-1024x1024Built on the WordPress platform, the website goes well beyond the boilerplate WordPress tools.  At Four Eyes, our WordPress integrations treat the WordPress platform not just as a content management system (CMS), rather as scalable and extensible architecture to be customized to the client’s needs, no matter how complex. Multi-tiered related content, custom content entry interfaces, content sliders, auto-expirations, social media publishing,    Four Eyes can accomplish any client need within the WordPress architecture.

Yoga web design

Articles page with masonry layout

A website design needs to connect with the user.  An understanding of the audience and the content along with a creative and technical mindset are key. A good website design promotes a positive image and awareness of the organization’s mission.  The Ashtanga Dispatch website design invites the visitor to interact, purchase, donate and become more involved. Reviewing the usage statistics for the website, we can see that the website design direction works.  Visitors to the website are spending their time reading and browsing and also purchasing products and donating.

The goal of the Ashtanga Dispatch website  is to affect, engage, educate, and inspire the viewer.  We are so happy to work with Peg and happy to provide her with a website to facilitate the Ashtanga Dispatch message.