Beyond a Web Agency

friendly, creative & insightful.

Four Eyes is a dynamic design & development studio that prides itself on top-notch graphic design talent and exceptional programming. We work hand-in-hand with our clients from start to finish. Our solutions are thoughtful, visually engaging, easy-to-use, scalable & cost-effective.

Sure, you could struggle to design, build, and launch the website yourself or in-house. You could do all the research on the best approaches and tools to use and learn to implement them. Your website could look like a someone else’s website by using a pre-made template or theme. 


You can work with an expert that already knows the
language, best tools, process, pitfalls, approaches and
who will save you time, money, hassle & frustration.

We design websites that are as easy for YOU to use, as they are for your CUSTOMERS & CLIENTS.

You want a website that works.  You want a website that results in less maintenance and frustration. 

 This is not rocket science.  There is no magic involved.  Just some straightforward questions:

  • Is your brand reflected in your website?
  • Does your website translate into sales & loyal customers?
  • Does your website work on mobile devices?
  • Does your website make is easier for your customers to do business with you?

Does your website do want you want it to do?


Michael J. Sammut 
Owner, Co-founder & Caffeinated Code Generator

Michael has traversed the web and is adept in design, programming, ecommerce, content management & beyond . Well-versed in just about every web technology in the inter-webs, he knows his stuff. In his prior life, he worked as an information analyst for the federal government and J.P. Morgan as an information security consultant. His educational background includes graduate degrees from St. John’s & Columbia University. As scary as that all sounds, don’t worry–Michael speaks plain English. When not in front of the computer, Michael cranks his guitar very loudly, dives the ocean depths & drinks copious amounts of espresso.

Born in New York City, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Founded in 1998 by Michael J. Sammut & Sara K. Schwittek in New York City. From there apartment in Brooklyn Heights to DUMBO in New York City to their headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Four Eyes is a powerhouse of knowledge, experience, and dedication to your project needs. 

For 21 years, Four Eyes continues to recognize that no two companies are the same, no two website projects are either.  There is no such thing as a universal web design solution that fits every company; each website development project we work on is customized to meet the specific needs and goals of each of our clients. 

Whether in New York City, Charlotte or around the world we design premium, visually rich, functional websites that are beautiful to explore and easy to navigate.