In today’s modern world, it’s necessary to put your best face forward when promoting your business to potential clients. With over 21 years of design experience, Four Eyes will help you construct a website you can present confidently, helping you close the deal time and again

website design, wordpress, toolset, x theme

Website Design

  • Custom web design
  • Responsive & mobile-ready
  • Content management
  • Planning & strategy

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Shopify & Ecommerce


  • Shopify websites
  • WooCommerce websites
  • Advanced customization
  • Expert guidance

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Custom MailChimp Emails

Digital Marketing

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing & strategy
  • Logo & collateral materials
  • Custom MailChimp emails

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Our Approach is Strategic We implement 3 steps in designing your website.


It all begins here. How do you see your final project? Let’s discuss the color scheme, theme, and layout. What will your website be most used for? What capabilities will it need to include?


Without a plan, a vision becomes nothing more than a dull dream. So now we need an execution strategy. Here we’ll work together to solidify content and determine achievable deadlines. What does your website need to communicate? By when do you need your project completed?


Time to put our plan into action. As our team is working to produce your original vision, we are available to you should you require updates, if a concern arises, or if you need to make an adjustment to the vision you once had. At Four Eyes, we understand that creation is fluid, allowing the space for your vision to grow and evolve.

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Since 1998, Four Eyes Productions has operated as a powerhouse agency in the web design industry.

Birthed in the richly diverse city of New York where individuality thrives, Four Eyes continues to recognize that since no two companies look alike, neither should their websites.

Because there's no such thing as a universal design solution, we approach every project with a sharp eye for customizing the specific needs of each client. No matter your corner of the world, Four Eyes can ensure the design of a premium, visually stunning, highly functional website that is beautiful to explore and easy to navigate for your team as well as your visitors.