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Since 1998, Four Eyes has succeeded in delivering effective web design, ecommerce, mobile, digital marketing, and branding solutions.

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Succeeding online as a business is much different now than it was when we launched Four Eyes nearly 20 years ago. Today, businesses need the scalability, flexibility and mobility to quickly adapt to their customers’ ever-changing needs, be it their website, social media or even marketing strategies.

That’s why the only thing we haven’t had to change or adapt throughout our time as a company has been our passion.

We will always remain passionate about creating web development and marketing strategies that suit our clients’ particular vision, customers, and goals. Be it web design, ecommerce, mobile web development, integrated social media promotion or internet marketing, we do more than just make our clients look good; we make them leaders within their respective industries.

By leveraging our vast experience, training and professionalism, clients all over the world have found that we provide reliable, trustworthy services that are focused on helping them succeed. When you partner with Four Eyes, you’ll be able to see for yourself that we’ll do whatever it takes help you reach your goals today, tomorrow and beyond.

Think | Plan | Create — It’s How Great Things Happen

Innovation is the key to providing scalable online business solutions that adapt and grow with both your business and your customers. We offer powerful insights and creative solutions to ensure each of your online initiatives reach their desired outcomes.
Staying three steps ahead of your competitors and your customers requires true collaboration between our team and yours. Together we can develop strategies that offer both short and long-term success.
When innovation and collaboration come together they help us close the loop with user-friendly, mobile-ready solutions. Your website exemplifies engaging, compelling visuals and strong content that are responsive to the needs of your business and your target audience.

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WordPress Design & Development

Wordpress Web Design Charlotte NCWordPress is a leading open-source website content management platform that empowers you to easily manage your website’s pages, articles, blog, images, videos and files. Four Eyes offers comprehensive WordPress content management solutions (CMS) ranging from  informational websites  to complex sites with custom data requirements. Four Eyes WordPress web design solutions are unique in that we go beyond the standard title & content template and can custom tailor the the website to display any type of content.

WordPress can be tailored to fit virtually any need, for virtually any industry: photographers, architects, galleries, retail, restaurants, not-for-profits,  educational institutions from small to enterprise level solutions.  You will be amazed at what we can do for your website!  Click here to learn more!


eCommerce Charlotte NCWorking with industry standard solutions, our ecommerce websites are feature-rich, easy-to-use, and visually engaging. Four Eyes attentively works with you to understand your individual needs and goals.

Through a collaborative evaluation process, we recommend the most suitable and beneficial tools to accomplish the task at hand. The result is a scalable ecommerce solution that will be easy for you and your customer to use, and easy for you to administrate.  We understand ecommerce and most important we understand what the customer wants!

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Web Design & Development

Web Design Charlotte NCFrom a marketing tool to a web-based application, having an effective website is imperative for the growth your business and to position and differentiate your brand in the marketplace.  Four Eyes takes methodical and professional approach to customize the process of capturing that brand essence and translate it into a visual interface for your web site.

Beyond the design of your website, Four Eyes will add its expertise in Responsive Layout (Mobile, Tablet Desktop), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Integration and Content Management Solutions (CMS) to make your website optimal for your audience.  We pride ourselves on our website design & development and produce premium, high-end websites that are beautiful to explore, and easy to navigate.

Custom Development

Content & Data Management Systems (CMS)

The web is about timely and pertinent information delivery. Efficiently capturing, creating, delivering and managing information is vital to the success of any business, organization or not-for-profit.  Our solutions range from simple, elegant ‘brochure-ware’ websites to large corporate portals with thousands of pages and content assets.

Social Media Design & API Integration

From customizing the look of your “page” to creating specialty applications for your account or website, we can work with you to fully enhance your social presence.

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